Steve Curl Watercolors

Steve Curl

I am a fine artist working in the medium of Watercolor. Most of my work consists of  landscapes and seascapes that have inspired me during my hikes and travels. I also teach watercolor painting classes at the Pacific Art League in downtown Palo Alto, California where I reside.

Classes offered at:

  1. -Pacific Art League

  2. -Triton Museum of Art

  3. -Yosemite Art & Education Center

Currently Showing at:

Portola Art Gallery

Allied Arts Guild

75 Arbor Road

Menlo Park, CA 94025

(650) 321-0220


  1. -Phone: (650) 328-3499

  2. - email:


I have been fortunate to pursue the artist’s life, which allows me to spend my time as I wish and actually earn a living from it. I love being outdoors and in wilderness. I paint from my direct experience on hikes and excursions where I’ve spent awestruck moments in each of these landscapes. The expression of the infinite is always there in front of us, if we are open to seeing and receiving it. Watercolor behaves just like nature- fresh, spontaneous, and elemental in its simplicity. It is a joyfully portable medium that affords me the opportunity to record my visual impressions quickly and with a natural freshness. Often I’ll do a small study on the spot, “plein air”, then finish a larger painting back in my studio.  All of my paintings seek to capture my experience where a turn in the trail has caught my eye, and I am again witness to the rush of beauty and the life force unfolding before me. Always, I feel blessed to be part of such natural beauty and the dance of light. My paintings are recordings of these inspired moments... of what is fresh, immediate, and alive, and what in my estimation is true and real. I hope you enjoy them...


Artist’s Statement

                                                       Half Dome Majesty 30” x 36” Watercolor